iPhone 4 / 4s Repair Page


Please email or call: 0776 6608378 to book your repair or if you have any questions.

The prices you see are the prices you pay, and include all parts and fitting



Cracked Glass/Digitiser/LCD 


iPhone 4 / 4S   -  £30

White or Black






Back Glass Replacement - £10







Front LCD Screen + Back Glass:

         iPhone 4 / 4S - £38







Charging dock Replacement - £20







Battery Replacement - £15








Home Button Replacement - £15








Power / Lock Button Repair - £15







iPhone 4/4s Colour Conversion  - £40

White to Black / Black to White







iPhone-4-Battery-Repair-Toowoomba-300x300 dock-charging-connector-repair-iphone-4s

If your iPhone's rear glass is cracked or scratched this will get it looking brand new again

This repair will replace the front LCD/touch screen if it has cracked and/or no longer responds to touch


The front screen/digitizer & LCD are all fitted as one unit and cannot be replaced seperate


This repair will fix the problem of a non functioning / intermittent home button on your iPhone

This repair will fix any problems with damage to the dock connector or if your iPhone isn't charging or syncing

This repair is to replace the battery, if your iPhone isn't lasting very long between charges


This is a popular request we receive. If you fancy a change then we can convert your black iPhone 4/4s to white, or visa versa.


Involves changing the front screen/LCD, Back glass and home button

iphone-crackedscreen front_back_broken_iPhone

Get a special discount when you renew BOTH the front LCD/digitizer unit + the back cover

emergency_image nmb

Another common fault on the 4g/4S, if your iPhone 4/4s power button is stiff, completely unresponsive, functions intermittently, or even missing, this repair service is right for you.

iphone_4_back_cover_cracked iphone_4_home_button_replacement_lovefone__03269.1346948395.220.220 pb